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Dracula a vampire reclines and hosts a sleep podcast


have a laugh

and sleep like the dead


You vant to listen to my podcast? 

This is more exciting than when I flew into Nefertiti's bedroom and she said,
"Dinner is served... and tonight it's bat."

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the podcast

Relax, have a laugh, and sleep like the dead. Your host and recovering insomniac Dracula, will share good news, stories, and even lullabies, in the comedy style he has perfected over the centuries. Starting off festive, Dracula will slow down as he guides you through a midday break or a whole night in slumber town. Make bedtime a calm time, and you’ll wake up telling everyone, I love sleeping with Dracula!

the host

I am Count Dracula, but my friends call me "Drac". Through the ages the media has painted me as a ghoul of the night, but please don't judge this Prince of Darkness by his rep with angry villagers. Most historians neglect to talk about my centuries of insomnia. Have you tried sleeping during the day? It's not so easy. 

Just as humanity has evolved over the years, so have I. I'm an old dude, but I am always growing #ListeningAndEvolving (I wrote that right...right?). Gone are the days of sleep trances. Now the hipsters create podcasts to calm the mind. While my bones grow older than all, my soul will always want to play with the cool kids (I played Magic The Gathering way before those 10 year olds in the 1990's. Does it get much cooler than that?). 


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Currently I am either sleeping or the life of the slumber party.Either way, I vill read your message shortly and be immersed in delight.

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